Speeches beyond Mainstream

During the times of the Old Testament it was the job of the prophets. During the Middle Ages court jesters fulfilled the task. And who does it today? I make aware, confront, and question. I expose current conditions –and call attention to their consequences. In this, I attach great importance to word choice, because words have a true effect. Before I begin a speech, I always reflect on my audience. What do they really need? With over 40 years of experience on pulpits and stages, I have the flexibility needed to give spark to a speech.

I know about leadership – or why the dinosaurs are extinct

On most of the podiums of the world, people will talk about the role of a manager – but rarely about the person who is supposed to be leading. It’s high time we start to speak about people and the personality of leaders.

Warning, successful individuals – Are you successful or are you significant?

The difference between being successful and being effective: your position, your company car or your villa may be impressive, but they don’t say anything about your significance. Successful individuals aren’t automatically significant – powerful leaders, however, are!

Do what you want! Regarding the challenge of accepting responsibility

There’s an interesting paradox in the daily business of companies: Every boss wants his/her employees to take on responsibility, but the employees aren’t given the freedom to do what they think is right. But how can employees possibly take on responsibility for something they are REQUIRED to do?

For employees, this means: do what you think is best, do it consciously and accept responsibility for it. And to the managers I say: Just let them do it.

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