Stress Management

How to deal with yourself and your employees in stressful situations

Things always seem to happen when you least expect them. The same is true for stress. And each one of us deals with it in a different way. Some bury their head in the sand others want to go through walls. The German Stress Report of 2012 shows, that already 43 percent of all employees in Germany state that job related stress is growing. Many feel left alone and don’t know how to handle it. A non-productive way of dealing with stress does not only cause a bad atmosphere, it also leads to people falling short of their true potential. This Masterclass will help you as a leader to find a productive way of dealing with your own stress. It will also show you how you can support your employees when they for their parts need to find an adequate way of dealing with stress. 

Keep your goals in mind 

2 days Masterclass and 3 telephone coachings – lots of room for content

Learn within a small group

You will work together with only 6 to 10 other leaders. 

Work in an exclusive atmosphere

The Steigenberger Drei Mohren Hotel in Augsburg ( gives an exclusive setting for this Masterclass.


20.-21. Oktober 2016, from 10.00 am to 5.00 pm

Your investment

1.400 € plus VAT (1.666 € incl. VAT)

Each Masterclass includes  

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Masterclass „Stress Management“

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