Take the lead – also for yourself!

Take a look into the mirror: Who are you? Who would you like to be? Who should you be? These three self-concepts tend to drift apart due to growing requirements and increasing pressure. As a consequence people loose grip on the steering wheel of their self-leadership. They loose impact.

Take the lead and remain in control. Those who can lead themselves with impact will also have an impact on others.

Keep your goals in mind

2 days Masterclass and 3 telephone coachings – lots of room for content

Learn within a small group

You will work together with only 6 to 10 other leaders. 

Work in an exclusive atmosphere

The Steigenberger Drei Mohren Hotel in Augsburg ( gives an exclusive setting for this Masterclass.


Your investment

1.400 € plus VAT (1.666 € incl. VAT)

Each Masterclass includes

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Masterclass Self-leadership

Right to withdraw: You may withdraw from this contract without any costs within 6 weeks prior your Masterclass. A later withdrawal is only possible upon consultation with the organizer. 

Guarantee: We carry out each Masterclass regardless the number of participants.

Costs: This price includes all above-mentioned services. Each participant bears the additional costs such as expenses for travelling, accommodation, breakfast, parking etc.

Hotel: This hotel has special offers for participants up to six weeks prior the event. If you want to take advantage of this please contact the hotel directly.